Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OMW Week 13, WW Week 3, Plus Life...

The last week or so has been quite a doozy. A dear friend of mine is dealing with some medical issues, which has been on my mind constantly. She is on the mend now, which I'm thankful for.

On a less serious note, somehow I drove over a screw or a bolt or something that embedded itself in one of my front tires. I was driving on the tire for awhile before I realized what it was, and then I drove on it a bit after that. Mr. T tried to change my tire, but I'd just had them rotated at the mechanic, so the lug nuts were impossible to remove. He got blisters trying. Finally I had a minute to breathe on Sunday and I called AAA and had them change it. Now I'm driving around on my spare while I figure out the best way to deal with this. We went to CostCo, but they told us they'd stopped taking tire orders that day because there was a 5 hour wait! Sheesh! And the other tire places were either not open on weekends or were closed already. Blech. I finally found a place on Yelp that looks promising; I'm hoping they can squeeze me in on Saturday. They said I didn't need an appointment, but it doesn't guarantee me quick service!

All of this is of course bad timing! Mr. T and I just bought a new computer because we need one and it was a deal we couldn't pass up (seriously, we probably saved $600-800!). And then now I need a new tire, or maybe two, because aren't you supposed to replace two at a time? I hope not. Also, there are two birthdays in my family this month, and we're attending one wedding. Ouch!

Anyway, we're persevering in Operation Morning Workout. We missed a day last week, but are endeavouring to get the full four days in this week. Also, even though I had cupcakes and tapas on Sunday, I was pleased when I weighed myself at the gym on Monday because I'd lost another 1.5 pounds! It feels glacially slow, but I know that's the way it should be done, so I'm trying to be pleased about progress. 3 pounds so far!

This morning I woke up late, with a headache, and then my yogurt opened in my bag on the way to work...just one of those days. I managed to get in a workout in spite of it all. Here's hoping tomorrow's a little easier...

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