Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Wedding Warriors

Aside from our tasting, on Sunday we also went to look at an alternate hotel for our guests who require more than one bed or wheelchair access. We chose a hotel right by the marina, and we really liked it. The setting was super cute, the hotel was well-appointed and modern, and although it's not walking distance to our wedding venue, it's fairly simple to get there via car, and a short drive.

We left my name and number and I'm waiting for them to call me back about a room block. I have to say, I'm surprised they haven't already. You'd think they'd be jumping all over our business in these economic times!

We also made a decision regarding a wedding website, or a wedsite if you'll excuse the term. Mr. T has been feeling pressured about this, since he's a website designer, but the truth is, finding the time for him to design it, and then having him lean on the html guys to build it, has been proving difficult. He was questioning whether we even needed one when I found the Nearlyweds templates provided by Offbeat Bride, which are $45 for two years and offer a unique URL and multiple pages for photos, details about accommodations, registries, and of course the ceremony information! They even have an online RSVP option, which is very attractive not only for the savings on postage and RSVP postcards but also because it's a more environmentally-friendly option. And, if my grandmother can master the internet at 91, everyone can!

The clincher is that some friends of ours who are getting married in September are using one of the templates, so Mr. T got to see how they worked and how they could be customized for each couple. So, we picked out a template and I'm slowly working on uploading content to it. That feels like progress! Now we can send out save-the-date emails and give folks the URL sooner, rather than later.

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