Monday, March 16, 2009


I did nothing on my wedding to-do list this weekend, not even finalizing the wed-site, which just requires me nagging Mr. T to get me photographs of his brother and nephew. He has them; he just hasn't chosen his favorites to put on the site. The weekend felt plenty busy without any wedding tasks, but I would like to check things off our list at some point!

I did do one thing: I bought some more decorations. That wasn't on our list, but I couldn't resist. At Pottery Barn they have these silver-tone vampire teeth that hold business cards; I think they'll be perfect for the buffet table, telling people what the dishes are. I actually already have one that a friend gave to me, so I went ahead and ordered two sets (they were on sale). Even if we don't use them on the buffet table, I know they'll be put to good use. Here's a pic:

Cute, huh? We didn't get the plates, just the teeth.

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