Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OMW Week 12; WW Week 2

So I've been doing the Cross Ramp at the gym with the bike sprinkled in once a week or so. I read an article about how since ellipticals, treadmills, stairmasters, etc. are weight-bearing exercises, they're better for you. Since I am lactose-intolerant and cannot eat dairy products to get my calcium, I need all the weight-bearing exercise I can get to keep my bones strong. The knee seems okay.

I did do something odd to my shoulder at the gym yesterday. I'm not sure what. At tomorrow's workout I'll probably do legs only, to give my shoulder a rest. Weird. It feels like I just slept on it wrong, but I didn't have it when I woke up...just after I worked out.

I weighed myself yesterday and, although I didn't weigh myself last week, I used the weight I was at the doctor's last month, and counting from that, I've lost a pound and a half! Which doesn't seem like much, but I think the muscle weight is accounting for some of that. I do feel like my body's changed a bit, which is fabulous.

It's been interesting doing the WW program. The first two days I was starving. Then I adjusted and I also started eating foods that packed more punch--more fiber, fewer calories. Not that I ate horribly before, but there's always room for improvement, right? Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good about it so far, and we even ate out a few times, so the tracking is getting easier (although I still believe the points system is BS!). Mr. T asked if WW had an iPhone app, and they don't. I think that's a huge business opportunity lost! Hopefully someone remedies that...

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