Monday, March 2, 2009

Operation Cupcake Has Begun

My "Knot Book of Wedding Lists" says it's time for us to be doing cake tastings, since we're now officially at the 8-month mark. It also says we should be registering for gifts, which I'm ignoring for the moment. That one is going to be a very large conversation, I fear. Anyway, back to the easy stuff.

So far I've contacted 5 bakeries to inquire about scheduling tastings. A few of them seem to hold one or two "tasting days" per month, so we'll have to work those into our schedules. I'm not sure about the others yet. Many of the bakeries use local, organic, and sustainable products, which I appreciate. One of the ones I emailed is a vegan bakery! I'd love it if that worked out. Anyway, I have a whole backup list of other bakeries that were highly rated by the Yelpers if these don't work out. I worry that cupcake tasting is going to make us very fat!

We still need to send out our save the dates. That one is weighing on me. Mr. T and I have a date to check out an alternate hotel (one that offers rooms with two beds, unlike our venue's boutique hotel rooms) next weekend, so we can let our families know they can buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms.

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