Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cupcake Tastings #3 and 4!

This week I've been corresponding with that vegan baker who told me she'd contact me the next time she had an order and could give me extras--remember her? Well, we went back and forth about when I could pick the extras up, and by the time we settled it, she told me the order had been canceled and therefore there wouldn't be any extras, so she totally flaked. It's like, don't you want my money?

Anyway, after the flower workshop the MOH and I had a great lunch at a little organic cafe, and then we went shopping for cupcakes! I bought cupcakes at two different places, although I only took photos of the first place's cupcakes.

Place 1:

Please excuse the smushed frosting. These were in a box, jostling around, for my walk home, so they got warm and also very friendly with each other. They were still tasty.

We tried lemon (with lemon curd filling), chocolate raspberry, chocolate, and carrot.

Carrot was by far our favorite. It had nuts in it though, which Mr. T didn't like. We also thought the "killer carrot" from the last place was better.

The lemon was my second favorite, although the curd was extremely tart and Mr. T didn't like it.

The chocolate was rich and yummy, but the cake was so flaky it fell apart as we were eating it.

The raspberry chocolate had the same flaky cake. Also, the raspberry was only in the frosting, which seemed odd to me. It wasn't a cohesive whole, I guess. Verdict? We liked the last baker better.

Place 2:

These pix are from the baker's website, since I didn't take any of my own. These look better anyway!

We only tried two of these: Gingerbread and Old-fashioned. Both of them were not as sweet as the other bakers'. It was like a more adult cupcake. I'm not sure if I liked that. It's like, if I'm going to give in and have dessert, it needs to be dessert!

The old fashioned is the one with the red coated peanut. The frosting was called a meringue but was more like marshmallow creme. Yummy and VERY messy. That wouldn't work. The cake (chocolate) was a bit dry, too.

The gingerbread had a great, rich, deep flavor, but was really dense. It didn't feel like a cupcake at all, more like a dense loaf in the form of a cupcake.

Although Mr. T and I both enjoyed the flavor of the gingerbread one, we agreed that this is not our baker. So far, cupcake tasting #2 has been the best. We have one more next week and then we agreed to take stock of where we are, although I did just get another recommendation for a (different) vegan baker. Hmm....

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bluntbelly said...

Was the second batch from Miette? (they are known for those "old fashioneds" which are very yummy, but very messy indeed.

I find their desserts to be pretty dense all around, and while the flavour is nice, it always feels heavy.

The ones I got for work (the killer carrot) were *excellent*. Everyone here loved them!