Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OMW: Days 20, 21, and 22!

I realized I hadn't done a workout update in awhile. So, last Friday's workout was hard because my book club meeting was Thursday night. If Mr. T hadn't been telling me I should go, I probably would've stayed in bed. Hooray teamwork! It wasn't the best workout of my life, but I did it, and it was certainly better for me than laying in bed (although the sleep would've been useful).

The Glamour magazine I've been reading at the gym has some article that I haven't gotten to yet on "Lose weight by sleeping more!" I've heard before that you need more sleep in order to function at peak capacity, including doing things like losing weight. My problem is that I am a natural night owl who is struggling mightily with this new regime. Perhaps I'll get accustomed, but it's still an issue...most of the time I don't turn out my light until midnight.

Anyway, this Monday I slept in a bit, but today I got up on time. I have increased my weight on some of the machines, like the lat pulldown. I was just using that machine today and I thought, "This feels easy!" so I added another 5 pounds. That felt like an achievement. I've developed an interesting mound of muscle between my shoulder and my neck. Mr. T says it's probably from the pull-ups. I can't wait to have awesomely toned upper body muscles to show off in my dress!

The gym makes for great people watching. One woman wears two strands of pearls to work out, along with leggings and a skirt or shorts on top, plus weight-lifting half-gloves. It's very Madonna circa Lucky Star. Other women wear a full face of makeup to work out (at 7 am? Really?), or jeans. I don't get that. I also see lots of interesting interpretations of exercise. Today there was an older lady on one of the bikes wearing blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick, waving her arms around furiously as she rode, and grimacing. There's a woman who skips and leaps on the treadmill. It's all very entertaining. Today the Madonna woman was brushing her skin with a wooden hair brush. Just standing there naked, brushing her skin. Someone asked what she was doing and she said her daughter had told her that it would help her liver out if she used the brush to exfoliate. Ah, Berkeley, how I love thee.

I've decided to try Weight Watchers. I'm struggling with understanding what a portion is, and I think I need to be made accountable. Luckily my work offers a discount, and I can try it for three months to see if I like it. So, more on that soon...

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Pica Maloria said...

There's a chick I know who recommends "dry brushing" your skin with a natural bristled brush to increase everything from metabolism to exfoliation. I haven't tried it, and would likely be too chicken to do it at the gym.
It's pretty damned mind boggling how people dress for the gym. yeeeeeeeeee
Good for you for keeping it up!!