Thursday, March 12, 2009

OMW: Days 23 and 24

I can't believe we're only up to 24 days. It feels like it should be 100 by now!

I can't remember Friday's workout, so it must have been fine. Monday, thanks to the time change, I totally couldn't get out of bed. Mr. T was trying to persuade me, but I'd had 5 hours of sleep and wasn't budging. Tuesday we kidded ourselves we'd make the day up, but we were both tired and this time it was Mr. T who suggested we get more sleep. Then Wednesday came and Mr. T was snoring away, and I realized it was on me to get us both up so we could not only get a workout in but take a step toward adapting to the time change. So, I did. Yay me! The workout wasn't the best one ever, but we did it.

Next week we go to 4 days a week. I'm hoping that will help me get to bed earlier at night. Every other day is just not enough to shake up my sleeping patterns.

Another sucky thing about DST? Walking to the gym in the dark again! On Wednesday the MOON was out as I walked to the gym. That's just wrong.

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