Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun Dresses

I recently discovered the Rock N Roll Bride blog (how did I not know about this before??). Between that one and Offbeat Bride, I drool over all the lovely are a few. Just had to share.

I love this vivid blue! I think either her mom or MIL made it. And, a tricorn hat! Just this morning Mr. T and I saw someone walking around in a tricorn hat and pirate coat; so festive!

I don't think Mr. T would go for a Marie Antoinette theme, but it's so decadent. I LOVE her hair. I've never had pink hair and sometimes I still think about going for it. The bleaching is what stops me. I worry that all of my hair would fall out.

And, y'all know I love red and corsets. She made her own skirt, which is impressive.

This is a great train. My skirt will be a tiny bit like this, although not as huge and with fewer layers of lace. But WOW.

I got this from my corset maker's album on Flickr. I kind of covet this necklace.

And we end with the beautiful Dita on her wedding day. Sigh. I know their marriage didn't work out, but OMG I love her. Such glamour.

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