Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flower DIY Workshop, plus random stuff

The MOH agreed to take a DIY flower arranging workshop with me in a few weeks. Since it looks like we're now having flowers on the tables, as well as my bouquet, the two bridesmaids' bouquets, and boutennieres for Mr. T, his best man, our officiant, the dads, PLUS corsages for the moms (and my grandma, if she comes), and it also looks like we dumbly decided to do it ourselves (with Mr. T's mom's help), I thought some training was in order.

The workshop is $75 per person (supplies are provided), and they walk you through all of the items mentioned above. While I think it's worth it, I also think that the MOH shouldn't have to pay for my bright ideas, so that's $150 added to our budget...which I'm wrestling with. I know it will all be cheaper than hiring a florist to do these things, so I suppose I just need some perspective. Right? Plus, if we're just hopeless at it, that will be a nice warning well ahead of the wedding, and we can start replanning our tables and talking to florists. So I guess it's a worthwhile investment. Right?

Speaking of bouquets, I just love feathers in them. Here are some fun photos from the interweb:

I really love the idea of feather boutennieres and corsages. We can make them ahead of time, and then use those same feathers in the bouquets to tie everything together.

Regarding the centerpieces, we've been struggling with how to incorporate the candy jars into the centerpieces, now that we've added pumpkins/flowers into the mix. I couldn't help but be interested in this candy-themed wedding on Weddingbee. First, I love their invites--candy bars with a golden ticket inside! Who wouldn't love that??

Second, for their escort cards, they used images of candy to convey the guests' dinner choices. You can barely see it, but the cards were clustered atop different boxes of candy--whatever candy your card was on coordinated to the table where you were sitting. High-concept, but I guess it worked for them:

Here are some pictures of their centerpieces:

I love the bright colors and how the candy is also in the vase with the flowers! Nice.

Here's a picture of a menu on the table...they put a different quote from Willy Wonka on each table's menu. I love these people!

I've been talking about my love for papercutting...look at these great numbers and letters I found via Weddingbee, for an Etsy vendor:

I love these! Sigh. Maybe we can recreate something like this on the invites...

I found another great pumpkin image, sort of like the Martha Stewart pumpkins I've been admiring:

I also found some great cake images during my search for cupcakeries. Look at the amazing Corpse Bride cake, complete with cake topper to represent the two brides:

And look at this great Hello Kitty zombie cake! Obviously not a wedding cake, but I love it:

And finally, speaking of HK, I love this pic of a Hello Kitty wedding done in Japan! The bride and groom run the Hello Kitty museum in Germany. Look at the top of her dress!

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bilunabirotunda said...

If it helps with perspective and assuming you can cast your mind back that far, the flowers at our wedding were somewhere around $2,000-$3,000. I was actually very fond of the florist. After I showed her my inspiration pics, the *first* thing she said was, "How do you feel about feathers in the bouquets?" so we got along well. :-)