Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cupcake Update

We have TWO tasting appointments set up!

One for this Sunday, one for 4/7. These two places hold regular tastings, so we had to fit into one of those regularly scheduled days. The baker we're seeing this Sunday charges a $10 flat fee for the tasting. The other one doesn't charge you unless you flake on them.

The vegan place emailed me to say that they don't have tastings, but the next time they had an order they'd let me know so I could pick up the extras. I hope they give me notice so I can plan on driving into work that day!

Another place sent me an email that they don't do tastings but that I was welcome to come into their retail store and buy the cupcakes, then talk to them about wedding cupcakes. I'm a bit put off by this. Would a wedding cake baker get away with this? I have no idea, but I suspect not.

I haven't heard back from the fifth baker I emailed. Hm. That's the baker that has a hilarious website. Looks like they may not live up to their own hype. Is a next-day response too much to ask for?

I will be sure to bring the camera and take pix if we're allowed to. MMMMmmmdeliciousness.

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bilunabirotunda said...

We may have another vegan option for you - Erik's boss Sara is in the process of opening a vegan bakery and does catering sometimes. Her food is "I can't believe it's vegan" good. He's going to talk to her to make sure it's ok with her, then forward her info.