Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ze Cake

One thing I am absolutely looking forward to is cake tasting. Mmmmcake.

Mr. T and I enjoy watching Ace of Cakes every week. Duff is lovable and funny and the cakes are crazy (I loved the Harry Potter/Hogwarts cake they did this season!). I don't think we could afford Duff, but obviously you could do really fun things with a Halloween-themed cake, such as:

How awesome is this cake (thanks Offbeat Bride!)? Zebra stripes, sugar skulls, and Elvis! Check out the rest of this couple's wedding pix on Flickr (mmmcheetah shrug).

The above cake was apparently the BPAL founders' wedding cake. I just love their perfume oils (I have been wearing Snake Oil every day since I got it!) and I also enjoy the goth descriptions of the perfume oils. I could get lost on their website.

However, as tempting as it is to create a decadent Halloween multi-tiered cake, I think we've decided to go with cupcakes, for a couple of reasons:

1. More flavors! You could have 2 or 3 flavor options available. Yes, you could theoretically have each tier of your cake a different flavor, but that leads me to reason 2:

2. Cheaper! Cakes run $4-6 a slice (or more), and the venue typically charges a cake-cutting fee on top of that, whereas cupcakes are $2.50-$3.50 each (no cake cutting necessary).
They are also really a no muss, no fuss dessert. You eat them with your hands, they're fun, they're portable...mmmm cupcakes. I'm a fan. I was thinking Devil's Food and a pumpkin/spice flavor. Mr. T likes lemon. I'm not sure if we're doing two or three flavors yet. I have been looking into cupcakeries and I've found:

Love at First Bite (you have to pay for your tasting, though! How gauche. Also, their prices are higher than other places, in general)


American Cupcake (their website is hilarious--the tagline is "the donut is very scared".) They have "puffy" frosting:

Delessio (a deli, but they make cupcakes)

That Takes the Cake

La Farine (it's not on their menu, but someone said they make cupcakes. I adore their regular cakes)

Crixa Cupcakes

Whiskie Bits (exotic flavors; on the expensive side, though)

Kara's Cupcakes (I've actually had one of these before, and they are yummy. These are on the expensive side, though. They seem to be nickel-and-diming folks for every design choice.)

Sharlene's Babycakes (Their website is not very detailed, but I do like the tagline, "A Little Bit O Naughty to Make You Feel Nice.")

11. Sibby's Cupcakery, creator of these lovelies:

12. Debbie Does Cakes (the name is um, an odd choice, but her prices are the lowest I've seen, $2 each for basic cupcakes. If we stayed basic. However, due to her "busy schedule" she won't do tastings for cakes that serve fewer than 150 guests. Hmph. Of course, I bet if she's that busy, her cakes are that good.)

13.Noe Valley Bakery, creator of these adorable cupcakes, complete with individual toppers! Plus, their prices seem good, about $2.25 each:

A friend recommended that I just say that the cupcakes are for a Halloween party, so I don't get gouged on the special wedding rate ripoff prices. I might do that.
Mr. T asked me, "Won't you miss doing the whole cake-cutting thing, where we feed each other?" I told him we could cut a cupcake in half and do it that way. I'm not worried about it.

I am wondering about cake toppers, though. We could try to do toppers on every cupcake, like the NVB ones above, or we could have toppers just on two cupcakes at the top of the tier, or we could have toppers just standing among the cupcakes on the top tier, if the toppers are big enough. There are some pretty excellent options for Halloween cake toppers.

We could do Day of the Dead figurines:

Or, I found these gothy cake toppers (they're expensive, though, like $180!!!):

Bats (lighted!):

Skeletons (I like the "Love Never Dies" part. But is that skeleton giving the other one tongue? Ew.):

Caskets (Again, nice "Till Death Do Us Part"):

Or (and this is the best) We could get cake toppers made to look like us (and I just LOVE that they used Pierce Brosnan as the sample):

On Offbeat Bride they did a feature on a couple who had Han and Leia figurines as their cake toppers. That's awesome:

An unexpected expense is that if you want cupcake tiers, you need to rent or buy the tiers. I need to think about this a little (and do pricing, obviously). Most bakeries will rent tiers and do the set up for you, which is appealing. We could also hit up Goodwill for used ones, for a more organic (read: haphazard, unmatched) effect, but then we'd need to get rid of the things afterward. Mr. T also thought maybe his mom has something we could use, which would be great. I like free!

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