Monday, March 24, 2008

Stand Up Straight, Girl!

Recently MTV has been running marathons of "America's Next Top Model," so I've had some Sundays that involved sitting on the couch, spending hours in the company of Miss Jay and Tyra. (I rationalize this downtime by saying, I belly dance, I go to the gym (uh, sometimes, hopefully more frequently in the upcoming months), I walk to work, I read, Mr. T and I hang out, I have brunch/dinner/tea/drinks with friends, I'm in a book club, I play Mah Jongg with friends once a month...I have a plenty enriched life. Therefore, occasional binges on MTV = not so terrible, right? right?)

Anyway, I love ANTM for both the petty drama and also because I love seeing the outlandish makeup and outfits and the crazy on-location photo shoots. I try to take notes for belly dance. I'm still working out what "smiling with my eyes" entails. Recently I even paused and rewound an episode (thank you, digital cable) so I could take a photo of the television because the model had great eye makeup.

One of the things Tyra told one of the model hopefuls is that she poses differently for men's and women's magazines. For men, she faces the camera straight on; for women, she poses to the side in these artistic angular hunchy poses. Now, I appreciated that in theory, but I'm not loving it so much as I look at dresses, both online and in magazines. Did everyone study at the Tyra Banks school of modeling? Yes, it looks arty, but it's kinda hard to actually see the dress when the model is so hunched over--like, what does the middle look like? Is there a sash? beading? pleats? How does it hang? You got me! To prove my point, I'd like to present the following evidence:

Another model pose seems to be the extreme lean back, with pelvis angled far forward. It's also awkward looking, but I prefer it to the slouching:

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Anonymous said...

The not-showing-the-clothes has been a complaint of my mom's looking at Vogue ever since I can remember. (She hates the fashion miasma but loves looking at couture.) It's silly.

You and Autumn will work something out (you are going to Dark Garden, right?). I trust her.