Monday, March 17, 2008

Love is in the Air

Since Mr. T and I got engaged, 3 couples who are friends/acquaintances have also gotten engaged. I guess it's the whole Valentine's Day thing--love is indeed in the air! Also, we know two couples who got engaged before we did.

It's good to have so many affianced folks around, because I don't feel as guilty discussing wedding ideas with other engaged people--they are probably the only ones as interested as we are in all of the minutiae it takes to plan a wedding. I mentioned to one of the folks yesterday, and he was really happy to find out about it (he was having the whole wedding budget versus honeymoon budget issue too).

I left a message inquiring about touring our first venue today. Yes, we theoretically have LOTS of time, but I'd really love to lock in our date, for one, and second, once we have the venue, everything else will flow from there--food, budget, decor, invitations, etc. It seems like a lot of places will not let you attach anything to the walls, which I understand, but is a little disappointing. I will have to channel the decorations into other areas, I suppose. Question #1 for the venue: Do you have black or orange table linens?

I got my yearly work bonus on Friday. Although of course I wanted it to be higher, it was really exciting to move the money into our wedding savings account and realize we have saved 30% of our budget already. I wouldn't mind saving more than our budget, though. At work I have to do budgets for projects and I always add some "padding" for the unexpected--and rule number one is that something unexpected will come up. So I'd like our wedding fund to have some padding too.

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! It seems odd to have St. Patty's Day and Easter in the same week, just like it was odd to have Daylight Savings Time early this year. I got my niece an adorable Easter card (letterpress, of course) from Hello! Lucky:

So cute! I love pink and brown together.

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Bellybee said...

I forgot to mention, my cousin also got engaged at the same time I did--he proposed to his girlfriend at the top of Machu Picchu.