Friday, March 28, 2008

Picking a Theme: Pros and Cons

The Halloween theme is an obvious choice for our wedding, since we want it to be on Halloween (10/31/09 will be our 12th anniversary of being together!), and we'd like our guests to come in costume and enjoy a fun Halloween party with us.

This is a relief because we don't have to agonize over what "our colors" will be, etc. In many ways, we're ahead of ourselves.

However, I notice myself being tempted as I look at other wedding blogs (WeddingBee, I blame you) and see other themes. They are trying to seduce me away. Halloween, I'll be true to you, I swear! The turquoise and red theme, she meant nothing to me (although I love those colors together)! And the Scrabble theme will never be brought up again (but oh, how clever!), nor will the antique typewriter theme (sigh!).

One thing that the Weddingbee brides with long engagements have mentioned is that the long engagement gave them time to second-guess their decisions. I'm not normally like that--I'm pretty decisive as a general rule. But I could see how having a lot of time would be bad in that way... I guess this is a continuation of my last post, in fact!

Halloween, I love you! But that doesn't mean I can't still look, does it?


Anonymous said...

I'm not really a theme girl, personally - I mean, a theme of Halloween if you're getting married on Halloween makes sense, but having "colors" always makes me think of high school football. Not my scene. :-)

Bellybee said...

Oh, I am a girl who LOVES a theme. As I'm sure is obvious.

bekabee said...

Hows about a theme within a theme... "Vintage Halloween" or "Future Halloween".

I once went to a "Tiatanic" themed wedding. Everyone in turn of the century garb. It was lovely.