Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Setting the Date

I've always wanted a Halloween wedding. Mr. T and I love Halloween; I mean, first, it's the anniversary of our first official date.
Second, I just love dressing up. It's one of those holidays where people are encouraged to just be creative; it has nothing to do with enforced gift-giving or sappy greeting cards. My good friend, belly dance partner, and now Maid of Honour (MOH) has an annual Halloween party that we look forward to every year. This last year was Harry Potter-themed; Mr. T went as Sirius Black,and I went as the Golden Snitch. Our costumes went over well, but let me tell you, body paint is not as fun as you might think. I chose some professional grade metallic gold stuff that took me days to scrub off. My feet turned green from the metals, as did my scrubby puff in the shower. The MOH wouldn't let me sit down on any of the furniture, so I had to stand all night. Also, my wingspan was such that I had a hard time maneuvering around people. Ah, what we do in the name of Halloween. Anyway, despite all that, I loved it all.
The year before that we went as Wolverine and Dr. Jean Grey/The Phoenix from X-Men. Mr. T spent hours making a set of "claws" that looked like they were retractable, and I researched how to make fake veins on my face with purple eyeliner. Other notable costumes have included: The White Stripes, Mulder and Scully, geishas, and Anna Nicole Smith/MulletsGalore.com (yes, he went as a website. He wore a mullet wig and some white trash looking clothing, then printed up a posterboard with the website URL/window on it, and attached that to his wig).
So when the fiancee and I started talking about possible dates for our wedding, I immediately said Halloween. The problem: it's on Friday this year. Also, that's really soon, relatively speaking, for a wedding. So we reluctantly agreed on Halloween 2009. Mr. T doesn't want to give that to folks as a firm date, though, until we have a contract with a venue, so that's our next assignment.
I know some folks are going to wonder about our choice, but most people understand how much we love Halloween. We're going to encourage the guests to come in costume. I can't wait to get married in front of my friends and family, who are dressed as superheroes, ghosts, witches, movie characters...I think it will be awesome.
I googled "Halloween weddings" and discovered that we are not the only weirdos to do this. One hilarious article on offbeat bride detailed a wedding at a Haunted House, where the groom arrived by coffin! Mr. T refuses to do that, though. Bummer.
I'm excited about all the fun things inherent to a theme wedding. I know there's a potential to take it over the top, but, as we say in my dance troupe, "More is More," you know?

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Pica Maloria said...

My ex and I had a spectacular Halloween wedding. You two are going to have soooooooooooo much fun. What a blast!