Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Proposal

Mr. T and I have been dating since Halloween 1997. Friends and family have been pointedly asking about our marital status for about the past 5 years or so now, but Mr. T (my dad's nickname for my fiancee) is a slow mover, and he waited until he was ready, and until I was ready to pull my hair out. I thought for sure he'd propose on our 10-year anniversary, after my obvious hints ("You know, we have a big anniversary coming up...I'm just saying..."), but nope. So I was stunned when he asked me on Valentine's Day. It was quite sneaky, really, as we both turn up our noses at the holiday and I wasn't expecting anything special at all, but we met at a Valentine's Day party in 1993, so it was the 15-year anniversary of the day we met.
Well, 2/13 was the actual 15-year anniversary--but a group of us spent the night at the party and all hung out on 2/14 as well, so I'll give that one to him.
I thought Mr. T might have forgotten the anniversary, so as a fun surprise I brought champagne (Veuve Clicquot) and cupcakes (Andronico's--they kicked ass) home on 2/13, and Mr. T got a look on his face and said, "Oh, I always thought of that anniversary as tomorrow," which I didn't think anything of until after the fact, of course. He said he almost moved up his timetable but that I wouldn't leave the room long enough. I guess I have a bladder of steel.

On Valentine's Day we just got dinner in the neighborhood, hung out and watched TV, and he kept nagging at me to get ready for bed, which is not that unusual for him--I'm likely to put everything off so that I'm getting into bed for the night with hair dripping wet from the shower. So I finally showered, brushed my teeth, etc., and then I came out and sat down on our bed, and he jumped up from the bed and said, "I have to get something," and then ran out of the room. I heard him open his bag, and then he came back in with a ring box and a goofy grin and got down on one knee and proposed. I almost said yes before he got the sentence out! I graciously allowed him to finish, however.
The ring is a "placeholder," as he put it, because he knows I want to pick out my own. I have my heart set on an antique, and not a diamond, but a colored stone; I think it will be one of those "I'll know it when I see it" things. Mr. T knows I like garnets, so with our friends' help, he got a sterling silver and garnet ring until we get the "real" one. It's very sweet and he did a great job on his own.
It's so exciting. I keep looking at my hand, even though it's been over 3 weeks since he asked me.
You wouldn't think things would feel any different after 10 years (and we probably qualified for "common law" marriage at this point, if they do that in our state), but I do feel different. I guess I'm more of an old-fashioned girl than I thought.


N said...

What a sweetheart! You sound like a great pair. I love the ring Mr. T got for you--that was especially kind to get a pretty placeholder. When will you go shopping?

Bellybee said...

Not sure when we're going...probably in a few months. Not soon enough! ;-)
Just kidding, I know I have plenty of time.

N said...

You're right, not soon enough! When you're ready, you're READY!