Friday, March 14, 2008

Save the Date Cards

I think the Save the Date (or "STD"--hee, hee!) cards will be pretty easy to do once we have a venue settled. We can do a simple 4 x 6 postcard in the design of our choice and have them printed for about $100.

I found some really cute ones online, again courtesy of Offbeat Bride. I adore photo booths and I always drag Mr. T into them when we see them in bars and stuff, along with whichever friends are with us, which can lead to hilarious photos where only pieces of our heads/bodies are visible from frame to frame.

(I actually was considering renting a photo booth for the wedding, but I will have to see how we're doing with the budget first.)

Here's the whole invite. I believe they put it together themselves. Again, Mr. T is worried that homemade invites have the potential to look...very homemade, but I think these are cute:

Here's the photo strip. They had a friend take their photos against a white backdrop, holding up pieces of paper, and then did Photoshop work later to add the wording and the photo booth effect. Very cute!

I know we can do whatever we like, but part of me thinks we should keep to the Halloween theme even in the Save the Date cards. Maybe if we do a photo booth shoot we could put different costumes on for each picture? Or maybe just having the palette in orange and black is enough? Hm.

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