Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If You Want to Be a Dancer

Almost forgot, here's a passage I really liked from Signed, Mata Hari:

"If you want to be a dancer, practice for hours holding your arms up high, your hands above your head. Walk that way down the street, sleep that way at night, ride your horse that way, read the paper that way, the paper, of course, spread out on a table. Shake your head at the terrible news printed that day: 144,000 French killed to date. When the zeppelin ships sail overhead and drop their bombs, maintain your pose. You are a dancer. Simply shake your hands of the dust and plaster chips that have fallen down from the cracks newly made in the ceiling. Try not to miss opportunities. Think about incorporating this hand shaking movement into one of your dances."

It's true about keeping the arms up, by the way. Elbows up, ladies!

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