Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm dreaming...of a red wedding dress

I've never pictured myself in a big poofy white dress at my wedding. In fact, when I was in high school I used to tell my mother I'd get married in ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

However, I've come a long way since then, and I've conceded that perhaps I do want an actual dress. Just not a white one. I think I look okay in white, but I tend to avoid it because I'm clumsy and as soon as I don a white shirt, a food stain appears, as if by magic. Also, aesthetically, white is not that interesting to me.

RED, on the other hand...
Red is considered an auspicious color to get married in in many countries, including India and China. Plus, it's so dramatic.

I've been wanting a custom-made corset for oh, 10 years now, so I'm using the wedding as an excuse to get one made. The Offbeat Bride has a great selection of brides in red dresses, some of them corset dresses. I have been salivating. I mean, look at that adorable dress above! With mini top hat! So cute.
And then there's this one:

Wow! I love the photograph AND the dress. Plus, the gorgeous tattooed bride! Sigh. I didn't think I would like the "crumpled piece of paper" look for a skirt, but I think it looks amazing here.

I've been considering sleeves versus no sleeves. I thought about opera-length gloves, but that would make the whole ring exchange deal a little awkward. I could do detachable sleeves or gauntlets, something like this, but less Renaissance Faire:

I'm also undecided about the train. I have been wavering between mermaid/trumpet and a fuller A-line, and I think I'm currently leaning toward a fuller skirt. I like the idea of a train, but they can also be cumbersome. I think this one is detachable, which is a great idea (especially since you wouldn't want to keep getting it caught in a doorway all evening):

Plus, part of me adores the sheer drama of the sure makes for great photos:

I love the look of this coat, but I definitely would rather spend my money on a corset. But, check out the bride's crazy boots! Wow!:

I think that my dress is going to run me $2-4K, which is not inconsiderable (to put it mildly), but I'm going to have them make the corset and skirt separates, so that I can wear it again. Very practical, right? Plus, it will be custom-made for me! Aside from belly dance costuming, I have never had anything custom-fitted to me. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll leave you with one final photo; this is the same girl as in the post-apocalyptic desert photo above. This one looks like the dress she changed into after the wedding. Such style--I love a girl who likes a theme color. Again, I love the angle and drama of the photo (I want this photographer! I think he's in Arizona, though):


rachel said...

Luichini (or whatever the black shoestore is down the street from Fluevog) sells shoes by the same designer - I've never seen boots like that, but identical heels and such. Worth checking out next time you're on Haight.

And speaking of Fluevog:

Bellybee said...

Oh, I'm totally thinking about some cutie Fluevogs!
Something like this:
Or this:
Or some lace up boots would work, too:


liv said...

In the event you're in need of seamstress, I know an a talented one, she is costume designer by trade and can whip out a corset in a flash (victoria

Pica Maloria said...

There´s a lovely victorian train called the ¨butterfly train¨. If you google it you should be able to find the pattern and pix of people who have done it with ease. It can be huge and elaborate or simple and it{s actually really easy to make (I made one for a steampunk costume).

Miss M said...

OK, so my early wedding present to you would be a gift purchase for your Fluevogs of choice (meaning they would be 1/2 price). Just let me know what you want. Regarding corsets ...two words...DARK GARDENS. Autumn knows what she is doing and can make you more amazing than you already are!