Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OMW: Days 18 and 19

So, as mentioned, Mr. T and I were very tired on Monday morning. So tired that Mr. T told me that if I drove in, he'd pay for the parking garage, which I took him up on. Needless to say, we didn't work out that day.

Tuesday I got up ON TIME (gasp) and went to the gym. I did the bike with increased intensity, which burned more calories and felt better, although still not as intense as the Crossramp. I did arm weights that day, and had a great workout in general. Today I also got up on time--hey, I might be getting the hang of this! There was a flock of little old ladies on the bikes, however. I told Mr. T, "See? The bike is for old ladies." He told me that he took offense to that, and said the old ladies had the right idea for how to protect their knees. :-) True, true.

Anyway, I did the Crossramp, but I tried to take it easy, and it worked. Maybe I can mix up the bike and the Crossramp in the future. About 10 minutes in, I noticed the bikes were free, but it didn't seem worth it to switch. Today was leg day. I noticed I have far fewer leg machines than arm machines. I suppose I should remedy that at some point.

The next workout is Friday. Go us!

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