Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMW: Day 16, plus weekend report

I think I have to admit that there's an issue with my right knee. I'm going to switch to the bike at the gym and see if that makes a difference (although the bike is not my fave...I get a much better workout from the elliptical). If it doesn't, then I'm going to the doctor.

It's not a sharp pain. It's a dull ache that only bugs me if my knee is in certain positions, and only after I've been to the gym (it gets better over the weekend and when I have breaks between gym visits). I just think that any pain is not a good thing.

This week I'm back on a M-W-F schedule, which is good--I like having a day off in between, for now anyway. It was nice on Monday because the gym was really quiet due to the holiday. If I wasn't lucky enough to get the day off, at least I could get on all the weight machines without waiting!

This weekend was busy and domestic, all at once. Friday night was a friend's birthday party. Saturday I got my hair cut, went to the library, had dance rehearsal, and then came home and did laundry, dishes, went to the grocery store, ordered Chinese takeout, and watched The Wedding Singer on TV with Mr. T. I love that movie! So sweet. I love Adam Sandler's joke about the losers at Table 9...We were asking my codancer the other day if we were at the loser Table 9 at her wedding. ;-) I guess we'll find out this weekend! Anyway, we did have cupcakes and champagne, yummy and caloric. mmmmmm. So I definitely need my gym time this week!

Sunday we (me, Mr. T, the MOH, and two other friends) went to see a matinee of Coraline in 3D. I was worried it would make me sick, but they did a really good job of using the 3D sparingly. I really loved the film and didn't mind the few changes they made from the book. After that we took advantage of our lovely city and went to the Cartoon Art Museum a few blocks away, and for the low admission price of $6, got to see the "Art of Coraline" exhibit, plus a Watchmen sneak peak exhibit. It was really fun and one of those inexpensive cultural trips that I love to take--while searching for parking and things like that can be a downside, things like the Cartoon Art Museum are definitely a bonus of urban living. Coraline was almost entirely stop motion, so they had a lot of the actual figures from the film and some of the sketches, plus the production journal from one of the model makers. It was so neat!

I would totally recommend Coraline for any adult and for older kids. I think it would be too scary for younger kids, but I suppose it depends on the kid.

(A photo taken at the SF Cartoon Art Museum Coraline exhibit, courtesy of this blog.)

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