Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Yeah, Mr. T Is Wearing Something Too

Mr. T has not yet gone suit shopping, but thanks to my nagging, I mean reminders, he's started to think about what he wants to wear.

Yesterday he told me he had found a great suit on the cover of GQ and that he liked the cut. When he told me that Justin Timberlake was the cover model, I was a little worried. I mean, I adore JT, but he and Mr. T are not shaped alike. At all. JT is a scrawny man-boy (yes, it's true. He's talented and funny, but it's true), while Mr. T is the guy who does 200 push-ups in one workout session. You know?

But then I looked up the cover of GQ and I had to concede that it was, indeed, a mighty fine looking suit, and I know nothing about suits. For this one to stand out to me, it must be sharp! Here it is:

I like that it's a 3-piece suit. Since Mr. T isn't wearing a tux, this is a nice alternative.

I would love to know who the suit-maker is. I've scoured the internet and no one seems to know. My next step, I suppose, is finding the magazine and trying to look for the credits. Mr. T seems to think that he can just look for the same cut of suit, but I maintain that knowing the source would be valuable, so the search continues.

Does anyone out there happen to know the suit-maker?

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Renee said...

If Todd wears a suit like that please ask him not to pose with his legs spread like this ad. :))