Friday, February 13, 2009

OMW: Days 14 and 15

Well, David's Bridal seems to have given up on calling me. That was three weeks straight of calling every day, sometimes up to 3 times a day! Wow.

So this week was kind of an off week but also a good week for OMW. I'll try to explain.

Monday I opted not to do OMW. I was still tired from Vegas.

Tuesday I got up and went. Although I was 10 minutes late (my new norm), I felt for the first time that we were settling into a routine with this, that it felt more natural. That was a good feeling (gee, and it only took 6 weeks!). But then I was such a space cadet that morning--I left my makeup bag at home and had to text Mr. T to bring it to me at our train stop later (meaning I had to put on makeup on the train, not my fave, but thank goodness for cell phones). While I was working out I kept leaving my towel and water bottle behind and having to go back for them. It was odd.

I also got up Thursday (yesterday) and went to the gym. This time I did legs, since I thought I'd also be going to the gym this morning, where I would do arm weights. Later in my office I caught myself wishing my arm muscles were sore. It was a strange I was craving the exercise. I think that's also a good sign.

Last night the MOH and I rehearsed and I didn't get home until late, then I stayed up doing a bunch of stuff that couldn't be put off (prep for a friend's bday party tonight), plus Mr. T didn't get home from work until midnight (it's been a rough work week for him), so all in all I didn't get to sleep until 2. When the alarm went off this morning, I turned it right off, because there was no way I was going to the gym on four hours of sleep...I have learned from 12 years of dance that you are much more likely to hurt yourself if you're tired like that.

So, no 3 workouts this week, but other small victories. And, it's funny to think I'm disappointed about only getting in 2 workouts in a week, when just 6 weeks ago I was probably hitting the gym 2 times a month.

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