Monday, June 9, 2008

Some Good News

So, venues have obviously been on my mind. Maybe because it's the one thing on our to-do list that I feel some urgency about, since we aren't going to be flexible on the date.

I said, "what the heck?" and emailed the coordinator at Venue #2 to see if they'd hold our date for us without a deposit, since we don't know the football schedule and we also want to do a tasting closer to the season we'll be getting married in.

Guess what? She said yes! Here's her email:

Mrs. T-to-be*,

I will hold that date for you with no deposit required. I agree that we must know the football schedule first and have a tasting. Once we know the football schedule, we can schedule a tasting. I will NOT release your date until both of these issues are resolved.

Take care, Awesome Coordinator*

So, I feel better about the venue issue--we can wait to find out the football schedule and not worry about our date being given away in the meantime. Phew! As the MOH says, "I like this woman more and more!" Hopefully it's a good omen.

*Not our real names.

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