Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Addition to the Family

I talked to my brother last night--we don't talk on the phone very much, neither of us being phone people. Unfortunately, since he and my sister-in-law had my niece, they don't have much time for email either, so our contact is sporadic. I'll have to be more proactive about that.

Anyway, what we were discussing was that our grandmother is turning 90 this year, and my cousin and I have been discussing a mini-family reunion in honor of the occasion. I was trying to sweet-talk my bro into bringing his family.

I also let him know about our engagement party in August. But, if he had to pick one, I thought he should go with the outing to see our grandmother.

And guess what? I'm not sure any travel is going to be advisable later on this year, because my sister-in-law is pregnant again! I'm excited to be an auntie for the second time, and happy for my brother and his wife, but I'm also disappointed not to be seeing them in the near future. Perhaps I'll try and book a trip next Spring, if I'm not totally insane and broke by then.

The other crazy thing is that since they don't live in California, they don't get maternity leave like we do. Here I was thinking that this was a universal thing--you have a baby, you get time off--but apparently my SIL has to use her vacation time to take the time off, so she's saving it all up this year.

Another reason the Sunshine State is awesome...

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