Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saving My Pennies

The other day as I got off the train folks were handing out cards that are good for free iced coffee at Starbucks every Wednesday through 7/23. Score!

I got my first one this morning and am considering hitting up another Starbucks for lunch coffee (this is one time when it's good that chain is so viral--I could get multiple coffees from all the locations near my office!).

Yes, I could get coffee for free at work, it's true. But, the coffee at work isn't as good, especially since the turnover is lower--coffee can sit in the pot for hours. Also, if there's ice at work, which I doubt, I'd be skeptical about the taste, since the fridge hasn't smelled so good lately.

And finally, work doesn't supply me with soy milk, which I can get at Starbucks for free if I ask nicely, so that's another savings.

Hee! Free stuff!

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