Friday, June 13, 2008

More Lovely Red Corset Dresses

I'm still not sure that a bustle is for me. I like the idea of the bustle, but then I wonder if it will make my butt look too big...I mean, I've already got some junk in the trunk, you know.

Still here are some lovely dresses, found via Offbeat Bride. The first two are a circus performer named Lucifire, she seems like quite a character:

Check out her red furry hooded cape and the skull atop her transportation to her wedding:

Can't remember how I found this photo below, I think from Lucifire's dressmaker's site? Anyway, I'm worried about bustles, even though they're cute.

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Anonymous said...

I liked dress #1, at least from the back, though both that and dress #3 don't have good bustles in this perspective. The purpose of a bustle is to make you look curvy(ier) not to look like you have a wedgie.