Thursday, June 19, 2008


Recently I got some belly dance cards made through Moo, and at the time I thought, "these would make good save-the-dates. I should mention these to folks." And then lo and behold, I just got an email newsletter from Moo (since this is the month of all things wedding), with suggestions about how those adorable little Moo cards could be made into favors, save-the-dates, or place settings, to name a few uses. Great minds!

They're only $20 for 100 cards right now, and you can use a bunch of photographs, not just get 100 of the same photograph.

Another idea is to have photo stickers made (90 for $10), and you could either use the stickers to seal your invites, or you could have stickers made from your wedding photos and use those stickers to seal your thank-you notes. Who doesn't like a photo sticker??

Plus, I mean, I know the cards are small, but they're so cute.

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