Monday, June 30, 2008

The LITERAL Selling of the American Wedding

Okay, had whats-her-face included this story in her book, I might have conceded the point:

(Original article can be found here.)
Woman Auctions Role as Bridesmaid to Pay for Wedding
Rising Costs Force Brides to Plan Creatively
June 26, 2008

It may not buy love, but money certainly pays the bills.

One woman got creative in funding her wedding.
And weddings are costing a whole lot of it, averaging more than $27,000, according to a recent survey commissioned by The Knot Inc., a publicly traded wedding media and services company.

With the dress alone reaching into the thousands of dollars, plus more spending on cakes and photography, for instance, every penny counts, especially in these tough economic times.

So one bride in Virginia Beach, Va., got creative and turned to the Internet, auctioning off a spot in her bridal party to the highest eBay bidder.

Kelly Gray and her fiancé, Karl Gau, both 23, were trying to plan their wedding on a tight budget. Their combined income is about $32,000, on which they support a 1-year-old child.

The couple tried to cut corners wherever they could, and they aren't alone. Many brides are planning weddings on a shoe-string budget.

"There are brides out there willing to put together their own floral arrangements, brides who ask a friend to be a photographer," said Antonia Van der Meer, editor of Modern Bride magazine.

When one of her bridesmaids had the idea to raise some quick cash to pay for the $7,000 wedding, Gray decided to give it a shot.

Gray, a hairdresser, began the eBay auction and watched the bids pile up.

"I can't sleep at night," Gray said. "I go to bed and then wake up an hour later -- and run to the computer."

With the top bid at $5,700, the auction ended Wednesday night, and the winner was, surprisingly, a man named "Nick" who told Gray that he was raising his own bid to $10,000.

But it turned out "Nick" was actually a representative for the owners of Dr. Pepper and Snapple. And he won't be in the wedding. Instead, the company is launching an online competition to decide who Gray's bridesmaid should be -- and they say it could even be a surprise celebrity.

The amount of money and media attention is more than Gray ever expected.

"We can have a honeymoon," she said with glee. "I wanted my wedding, now we can have a honeymoon."

While I'm really happy that this couple now has some cash for their wedding and honeymoon (and their budget just puts ours to shame, frankly!), I just couldn't do it. I know America loves reality TV competitions and hard luck stories (and especially those two things combined), but I just don't think I'd want my wedding sponsored by Dr. Pepper (although, maybe they'd supply free drinks!).

I don't want to be judgmental of this couple--what's right for one couple is not necessarily right for another couple--but I was just amazed when I read this article. I think I might have made a different choice, if I were in their shoes.

However, I realize I'm very fortunate to have the money to plan a nice wedding. I'm very thankful for that. Even though we are not having the most extravagant celebration on the face of the planet, we are spending a good amount of money for this. And I'm thankful that it is sponsored only by me and Mr. T!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I will be judgmental for you: Holy hell, that is tacky!

There. We may now return to regularly scheduled programming, bypassing, I might add, an excellent rant on the irresponsible crazed consumerism of our country, fueled by credit card companies and tax rebates. It is your god-given right to spend money you don't have, American Bride! Grr...