Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visual DNA Test

I ran across this "Christmas Gift Finder" site on some bridal blog--you select an image based on a question like, "What is your perfect vacation?" I'm not sure how it would be helpful for finding gifts for others, unless you had people take the test and then email their lists to you?

Anyway, here's what it said about me, I think it's pretty accurate (but am I a "party animal"?).

You're a bit of a party animal at heart. You love the holiday season cos it's a great excuse to eat, drink and be merry with friends and family. When it comes to holidays, you like to be pampered. Zero exertion, maximum relaxation is the name of the game. Deep down, you have a wild untamed spirit. You appreciate any opportunity to run free, especially if there are horses involved. You like to give your brain a good work-out every day. A crossword or two, a spot of sudoku� it all definitely helps to keep your grey cells limber. You'll no doubt be doing plenty of puzzles over the holidays...

For my gifts, it didn't do too badly either--spa stuff, chocolate, jewelry (such as the necklace above, although I wouldn't want anyone to pay $200 for it), Travel Scrabble, and a McSweeney's subscription. I wouldn't turn up my nose at any of those!

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