Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Crap to Empty Your Wallet

Um, not that I'm bitter.

As many of you have pointed out, brides needn't fall for the wedding industry's hype of, "If you don't have these fifty extras at your wedding, your guests will think you are so lame."

Among the things hyped that I have considered are out of town guest bags for visiting friends and family, which might include guide books of the area, water, foods specific to the area (like sourdough or Ghiradelli chocolates, for example), etc. etc. Then I did the math to figure out exactly how many out of town guests we'd be making these bags for and what the cost might be. Um, sorry folks, but we can't. And it's really too bad, because I kind of fell in love with these canvas bags that had maps of San Francisco on them, but at $20/piece for the bag alone, we just can't.

Another thing that would be cheaper to do is bathroom baskets for the men's and women's bathrooms at the reception venue. These might contain things like mints, mouthwash, Tide-to-go pens (can I just say that Mr. T and I just bought these and they are awesome?! They saved me from walking around with a stain down my shirt just last week), and tissues. Maybe fun wedding tissues like these, from Sniff:

But, the sensible side of me says that this is just more useless stuff that I don't need to spend my money on. I dunno. How much could a bathroom basket cost? And if you were a wedding guest, would you appreciate it?


tina walsch said...

I'm a little confused... are these baskets for your out-of-towners? Or are they jsut to sit in the restrooms of wherever we're going to be?
I think it's cool either way, and I would appreciate it, but obviously more expensive (and unnecessarily so) if they are going to be gift baskets....
The more I think about it, the more I think it's a great idea. Esp with those pens in the baskets... I sometimes knock things over when I'm drunk (which I fully intend to be--during the reception only, don't worry! haha-- and knowing those pens are around would make me feel a lot better. hahaha

Bellybee said...

The out of town bags are bags for the out of town guests that would be left in their hotel rooms.
The bathroom baskets would be in the men's and women's bathrooms during the reception, so I'd only need to make two.
I'll make sure to have a Tide pen in the vicinity!

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with baskets and goodies, but I find the idea of blowing my nose on a symbolic representation of you and Mr. T odd at best. :-)

But I won't respect you less for fewer or no baskets or goodies. The way to my respect is: Do what you do well, whatever it is.