Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Downright Wifely

Sunday night I made banana bread. On Monday I put a piece in a ziplock and tucked it into Mr. T's bag. Later I asked if he had seen the bread and he said, "Yes, that was downright wifely of you." I told him I was practicing for my upcoming role.

The library thing is officially out of hand. I have three books checked out, and two more books waiting to be picked up. I think I'm going to need to space out my reservation requests in the future!

For now I'm reading The Curse of The Spellmans (I read the first in the series and loved it; it's also set in SF so I get to say, "I know that street! I know that bar!" in my head as I read). I fobbed One Perfect Day off to Mr. T for the time being. The other day he was fuming because he read about how the concept of a diamond engagement ring was propagated by the diamond industry (De Beers in particular), which I knew about. I told him, "Aren't you lucky you're marrying a girl who doesn't want one?" He gets angry about consumer manipulation. I'm not sure that passing this book off to him was the best idea! Perhaps I will distract him with Rock On!, which I pick up this weekend.

Also on my library list:
Gun, With Occasional Music

I'll post reviews as I go, as I can! I've got to rein in that library habit...

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Anonymous said...

It's the "tucked" that makes it *downright* wifely.

tina walsch said...

I wouldn't worry about the book vice. As vices go, it's a beneficial one. At least it has been for me. Yes, I'm a lot poorer and certainly my apt would make a wonderful breeding-ground for fire, but choosing to stimulate my brain rather than kill more of the cells, has to have had a positive effect somehow...