Monday, April 14, 2008

First Wedding Purchases!

This weekend Mr. T and I went to visit his mom (my FMIL, or future mother-in-law) and she and I scoured all the local thrift shops and yard sales for glass jars for our candy bar. We ended up with 5 jars for just under $10, much better than the $15/jar price I've seen online. FMIL says she'll keep checking for interesting/good-sized jars periodically. It's nice to have a partner in crime. I mean, Mr. T is of course excited about the wedding, but possibly not quite as excited about going to every thrift shop in town to find that one perfect jar.

I also found some LED tea lights at the Dollar Tree. They are not as bright as real tea lights, but they will stay lit a lot longer, and will get us around any weird candle rules the venue may have (only in certain areas, only a certain type of candle, etc.). Plus, I think they'd be great in pumpkins, so we don't have to worry about putting tin foil in the pumpkins.

So, we made our first wedding purchases! (Aside from magazines and books, that is.) How exciting.

I also found a great stained glass lamp for our room, but that has nothing to do with the wedding. Actually, if I were being really budget-conscious I wouldn't have bought it, but come on. A deal is a deal, right?

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