Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This and That

(Image thanks to www.savagechickens.com)

I love Savage Chickens! And I thought this one was appropriate with the Mr. T reference.

I talked to another representative for a venue yesterday, who was not nearly as organized as the coordinator at Venue #1. I didn't have my list of questions in front of me, and she wasn't really giving me anything unless I asked. I asked if we could tour the building, which is conveniently located about 3 blocks from our house, and she responded, "well, we have a lot of events going on, you could go to one of them...there's a concert on Friday...blah blah blah..." Um, okay, maybe this is my bridezilla coming out, but I do not want to pay money to attend an event I have no interest in to see a venue I may or may not want to use. And I would only get to see part of the venue, since I'm sure the folks running the concert wouldn't be thrilled with me walking all around the venue mid-show. "Pardon me, could you move your cello? I need to look behind this curtain here." She vaguely mentioned that it would be "open all day on Sunday," so Mr. T and I are going to take a peek. I actually performed at this place many years ago but I have no recollection about what it looks like, and neither does the MOH.

Mr. T and I talked about the invites again last night, and we're reconsidering potentially using a Gocco or a lino block method to DIY our own. I think the charm and imperfections of these methods would actually lend themselves well to the design he's envisioning for our invites. I'm leaving the invite design mostly up to him, since he's the graphic designer...I just want a say in the wording and the paper choices.

In other news, my usual hairdresser says he is no good at updos, which is a bummer. So I need to find a person, preferably in the East Bay. My guy said he'd think of people and give me a list next time. The good news is that he says my hair is long enough for an updo now, so it will certainly be long enough next year.

I think I have a moth in my closet. My t-shirt has tiny holes at the bottom, and it's not the first one I've seen like this. That's a bummer. I love my clothes, and I certainly can't afford to replace them right now. Are there any moth prevention solutions other than stinky mothballs?


Pica Maloria said...

Cedar blocks for the moth problem. :)

Anonymous said...

Wanting to tour a venue w/o paying is not bridezillaness. They clearly don't care about your business if they aren't willing to set up an appt.