Thursday, April 3, 2008

More on the First Dance

I found an article about the first dance...okay, so no Thriller. Sigh.

The article is hilarious. These are my people! Don't worry everyone, Mr. T won't let this happen to you.

Some of my fave quotes from the article:

"At their February nuptials, Tommy and Heidi Weclew of Orlando, Fla., walked to opposite sides of the dance floor and stood back to back as a DJ switched on disco lights and triggered a fog machine. The couple began a theatrical routine they'd been honing for weeks -- performing lifts and turns and pantomiming the sometimes vulgar lyrics of a ballad from the movie "Old School." For a finale, the groom did the funky robot."

"For $1,000, the specialty wedding-choreography company MatriMony Mony of New York will create a customized first dance routine for couples and teach them to perform it. One production in the works is a James Bond spoof where the couple will skulk around waving pantomime handguns."

"Later, the five groomsmen participated in a surprise number designed by the groom where they serenaded the bride with the song "Kiss the Girl" from the film "The Little Mermaid" while wearing frog, lobster and flamingo costumes. The wedding, says best-man Alex Huang, "was a lot of work.""

I found the article through this post on WeddingBee, which features a YouTube video of a couple breakdancing at their wedding. Oh, I wish I knew how to breakdance!!!

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