Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For the Honeymoon

I came across an awesome site that will organize a "to pack" list for you. You plug in your travel dates, temperatures at your destination, activities you'll be doing, etc., and it generates a list that can be emailed to your or others.

This is a site created by a kindred spirit, I think! I always make "to pack" lists...if I don't, I forget something and get cranky about forgetting it. I love lists.

Now, if I could only get them to customize the site to add belly dance as one of the activities. My lists include:

zills (finger cymbals)
coin belt
knee pads
safety pins
fake eyelashes

etc., etc. Sometimes my "to pack" lists, if they are for a belly dance trip/vacation, look pretty funny. Flip flops? check. Bikini? check. Sword? check. Spirit gum? check.

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