Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Someone asked me what I would do if someone came in costume as a bride to our wedding, in the big white dress and veil that I won't be wearing. I thought that would be hilarious, but I also thought, "wow, when the vendors start wanting checks, I can just send them to "the bride"." So, be forewarned. If you come as a bride, you're footing the bill, and dealing with drunk guests, and handling any other irksome details. I'll just be the guest in the fabulous red dress.

Speaking of dresses, I found this one courtesy of Offbeat Bride. To paraphrase the MOH, there's nothing I don't like about this dress. Or this bride!

I can't even tell you how much I covet this dress. It's gorgeous! And she wore a black veil! I also believe the rabbit pictured was their officiant. Love it.

I have been researching the 50's crinoline-enhanced skirt as a perhaps more affordable alternative to the 80-foot train. I found some cute examples on Stephanie James' site (and I love how she did a photo shoot in the Neon Sign Museum!). Picture these skirts in red with a red corset top. I like how this design makes the waist look tiny, plus you still get some leg, which (I hope) negates the wideness of the skirt...I don't want to look like a bell, or like I'm 100 feet wide; I'm hoping more for kitschy and fun, and "wow, you look tiny!":

The following dress would probably not look cute on me at all (too many segments calling attention to all the wrong areas), but I liked it anyway. Doesn't it suck how that happens?

This dress was from a different site (as you can see). Again, I liked the small-waisted effect but no way could I do a halter top (or strapless for that matter)! I also thought the skirt had volume without being too poofy...perhaps a solution for the "too wide" dilemma (although I do want an element of drama, since it's my wedding dress and all!).

And finally, also courtesy of Offbeat Bride, another girl after my own heart. She wore killer heels for the ceremony but changed for dancing. I am totally bringing my red Converse as backup shoes after seeing this adorable photo!


Anonymous said...

Well, as you know I had a big white bell skirt, so don't know how much cred I have around here.... but I think the longer the skirt the leaner you will look. Those shorter skirts just break up the line. And you don't have to have a bell. I've been picturing you with more of a bustle effect actually, to show off your curves. I see this dress in my head. :-) If you want I'll sketch it for you when I see you next.

Pica Maloria said...

That top dress is *amazing* - you'd look gorgeous in it. And high tops (maybe custom with some lace overlay) would be terrific!
However I like bilun's bustle thought... I looooove the bustles!