Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There's one for you, nineteen for me.*

* Title courtesy of The Beatles' "Taxman"

Happy Tax Day!

I sent off my taxes months ago. The scramble to get to the post office as late as possible on 4/15 doesn't appeal to me, although I can't say I've never done it. Just once, though, I think. That was enough.

My taxes are about as uncomplicated as can be, and I have someone else do them, which is why I don't need all that extra time to get them in. Mr. T has much more complex taxes than I do, because he's a business owner, owns a home with his mom, and tracks all of his expenses (note: but he doesn't procrastinate either).

Someone told me recently that she thinks it's illegal to be married but file separately in California. I haven't looked it up to see if that's true. I've had one person tell me that their tax situation got better once married, and multiple people tell me it got worse, since it pushed them into the next tax bracket. The latter is what I'm afraid of. Mr. T actually owed some money on his taxes this year. I have never owed money! I always get some back. Mr. T says that getting money back is like loaning money to the government all year and that since it's your money, you should get it when you make it, not a year later. I can see his point, but I rather enjoy getting the refund. Not that I'm unable to save money on my own, it's just a nice little surprise.

Anyway, I suppose we'll need to talk to Mr. T's accountant at some point in the future and figure out what our options are for filing. I can tell you where my refund went this year...no, not the wedding fund! It went toward my car. Ah, well.

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Anonymous said...

It is *not*, repeat *not*, illegal to be married and filing separately in California. At least I hope not, since Erik and I did it several years!

Our taxes were complicated by the fact that he has school expenses now, though luckily all the stock's been sold.