Monday, January 5, 2009

Review of Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Well, this book was not as awesome as I wanted it to me. Nor did it have any closure. It was as if before writing the book, the author was contracted to write more books about these characters, leaving the vision for this one a little watered-down, so that there would be more stories to tell.

Instead of being an awesome conclusion to the series, it felt like one more chapter. Granted, I did like it better than the second book in the series. There was a lot more action, and the kids found out more info about who they were and who their parents were. The kids learn more about the other experiments the School is working on, including other mutants. Max finds out who the voice in her head is, and there is a big battle scene at the end of the book. Yet, for all that they win the battle, it became clear that it was just a battle, and that the war would be dragged into a second series, where Max is still expected to get on with "saving the world," which I thought would be done with in this book.

Oh, well, I'll probably still check the other series out of the library. I'm a sucker.

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