Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DB Update

I called David's Bridal and the person on the phone was very nice and sounded like an intelligent human being, so that was a relief. I made an appt. for Monday, 1/19! The MOH is coming with me and has promised to try on hideous bridesmaid dresses if it makes me feel any better. Apparently the sales associate will also be assisting another bride at that time, which I think is kinda perfect...less attention focused on me so that I'm not outed as a DB imposter.

Still, I suppose I should bring in photos of dresses I've been looking at, to appear to be a properly prepared bride. I wonder if we can get away with taking photos? Some places won't let you, but maybe if the associate is distracted we can sneak them.

And the dress process begins! I suppose my next call should be to the seamstress to set up a consult.

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bluntbelly said...

all the places i went to allowed photos. worse case, have the MOH sneak them with her cell phone - she can pretend to be texting. usually only the couture places forbid it, though