Friday, January 16, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

Last night Mr. T and I had a budget date (well, the MOH came too...let's call it a budget outing!) at the Asian Art Museum to see an exhibit of Afghani jewelry and art...admission was $5! A steal. We felt cultured AND frugal.

Afterward Mr. T and I were watching LA Ink at home. Kim was working on a text-based tattoo, and Mr. T said, "that's sorta like the typeface I'm thinking about for our invitations!" and jumped up and turned on his computer, mid-episode.

Unfazed, I just kept watching the episode...I figured it would keep. After it was done we looked at some other inspiration fonts online. Mr. T started asking me for invitation wording so he could gauge how much room he had to work with. I was like, "Really? You're going to make me write our invitation wording at 11 pm off the top of my head? I need to think about this!!" I felt frustrated about being pressured, and he was puzzled about why I wasn't more enthusiastic, since I love wedding stuff. His argument that it was just placeholder text, and my argument was that he shouldn't get started on design without the real text (both of us speaking from our work perspectives, I's funny how different our work worlds are, sometimes!).

So, we ended in a stalemate, or perhaps a compromise. It's funny how inspiration can strike at the most inconvenient times. In the end he got some dummy text to work with, after I told him about 20 times that it wasn't final and it was likely that we would have more text than what I'd just supplied.

Since we were on a roll, we also looked at the engagement photos again, so we could pick out 10 for the photographer to re-touch. Mr. T sheepishly admitted that he'd overreacted and he didn't quite hate the photos as much as he'd declared previously. We picked out 10 and I sent the list off to the photographer. Hooray! I posted some on Facebook for those of y'all who are curious.

And finally, I dug out some of the wedding books and checked out some timeline stuff. At some point I'd bought a Knot book of checklists, and as I read through it last night I realized how great a book it is. I also realized we're doing fine in terms of timeline. The only things we hadn't done on their schedule was create a wedding website and send out save the dates. I'm thinking I do want to do save the dates after all, only just via email. I thought we could use one of the engagement photos.

Anyway, it was a relief to see I wasn't letting a million details slip through the cracks and that we were right on schedule, at least according to the Knot. Phew! I was up past midnight reading. Mr. T really started something with that invitation discussion!

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