Friday, January 30, 2009

OMW: Days 9 and 10

Wow, I'm into double-digits!

Wednesday and today I had a really hard time getting up. I think I need to set my alarm body/mind is used to hitting snooze for a certain period of time before becoming fully conscious.

Both days, I got to the gym late. Today was worse...I had to cut two machines from my workout. I did increase the weight on 4 of my machines, though, so I feel proud of myself for that!

Wednesday my knee was twingey afterward and I was a little worried. I have old issues with my back and my knees, a little bit from poor dance technique in the early days, and a little bit from not taking proper care of myself in general. The back stuff is completely improved through regular workouts, but the knees see fit to protest every now and again. However, it was much better today. Isn't aging great? I just hope the knees improve like the back has been. Come on, guys, work with me here! ;-)

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