Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OMW: Days 5 and 6

So this week we're upping our workout days to 3. I went on Monday before my David's Bridal trip. Thanks to it being a holiday, I was able to sleep in a bit. I drove Mr. T to BART and then parked near the gym--the meters weren't on, since it was a holiday. As I told Mr. T that morning, "I've discovered something." "Already?" he cracked. "You haven't even been awake that long." "I've discovered that getting up for the gym on a day when you have to get up for work anyway is hard, but getting up for the gym on a day off is even harder."

Regardless, I did it, and I was able to do all the weights I wanted. It was crowded, though. I'm not sure whether to attribute that to the holiday weekend or the hour (I was there later than usual). Also, when I went to stretch, the room was full--there was a class going on! So I just went home and did some half-ass stretches there, meaning I was sore later.

This morning I had a hard time getting up too, but for a different reason--we were out late last night watching inauguration coverage at a friend's house. Man was I tired! If Mr. T hadn't been there I definitely would have gone back to sleep. My workout was lower energy too--I didn't get to one of my weight machines, and thanks to dawdling in the shower, I just barely made it onto our train this morning.

Figuring out the right bedtime is going to be interesting, I can see. How does a night owl change her spots? I read that you are supposed to get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night...I typically get 6 if I'm lucky. Hm. Last night I got 5; that was definitely not enough!

Anyway, tonight I'm definitely going to bed earlier. I'm one tired bride-to-be!

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