Monday, January 5, 2009

Photographer: Check

The Saturday after Christmas Mr. T and I woke up at some ungodly early hour to get ready for our engagement photoshoot and drive to LA (about an hour from my parents' house) to get our pictures taken.

What did I wear? Well, after raiding the MOH's closest and ransacking my own, I went pretty simple. I knew what Mr. T was going to wear, and I thought we should match. He wore a blazer, button up shirt, dark jeans, and boots. I wore my leopard-print heels, dark jeans, a black tank top with gold and bead detailing at the top, and a brown tailored jacket. Unfortunately we'll probably see mostly jacket and not much tank top, since it wasn't warm enough to go without. I also wore a little feather fascinator in my hair, since well, it is me.

We met with our photog at Disney Hall, which was Mr. T's suggestion. It's a cool wavy metal building by Frank Gehry. We were able to get in for free and walk around...the inside was just okay, not great for photos, but a couple of stories up there are cool areas outside. I think the photos will look very modern, down to the light, which was a cooler tone.

After Disney Hall we trekked over a few blocks to LA's Union Station, which is an old art deco train station that is still being used. These photos will look very different--the light was very warm in there, and there were a lot of shadows.

Mr. T surprised me by being very at ease getting his photo taken. He said he was mentally prepping beforehand, and you could tell! We both really liked the photographer and felt that we 100% picked the right person. Hooray! Funnily enough, she also got married on Halloween in a red dress. They are divorced now, but she was quick to tell us that everything was fine, they are best friends, has nothing to do with our happy nuptuals, etc. ;-) I think our friends will really like her; she will fit right in. She was planning out a costume to wear, which I just love.

This makes TWO deposits we've put down in the last month! Exciting! Now I need to get on the whole dress thing.

I will leave you with a couple of wedding photos she took that I like a lot. Please don't reproduce these!

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NiCole said...

Sounds like you got a perfect fit for the photographer! Have you seen the proofs yet?