Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMW: Day 1

This morning we began Operation Morning Workout. We're going to do this two days a week to ease into it, then ramp up to four days a week.

It was not as hard as I thought to wake up early. I think both Mr. T and I were kind of excited about it, so at separate points during the night each of us woke up (him at 3 am, me at 4:30), started trying to mentally wake up because we thought it was time, and then realized that it was way too early and then tried to get back to sleep. I even dreamed about going to the gym.

When it was almost time for me to get up (I have to get up earlier than Mr. T because he works out at home and has a faster routine) Mr. T was really sweet and got out of bed to turn the heater on for me, because it was freezing. Our heater can be programmed to come on automatically...we're going to look into doing that. It made getting out of the warm bed a lot more bearable.

Leaving the house was easy because I'd set all my clothes out the night before, and didn't need to really get ready. It was weird to be walking to the gym in the dark, though. I had a "what am I DOING?" moment at the beginning of that walk. Mr. T and I talked about how this first one might not be the greatest or most productive workout of our lives, but we'd have to power through in order to make this a routine. However, when I finally reached the gym after my 15-minute walk, I felt ready to go, and I actually had a great workout. I didn't have enough time to do all the weights I wanted to do, so I think I'm going to need to leave even earlier (gasp) in the future, but this was a good start.

I have to say, I feel pretty great. It was totally worth it to get up early, and now my evening is free (well, I'm getting acupuncture tonight, but theoretically my evening would be free!). I'm really excited! I know it's just the first day, but I feel very fortunate to be marrying a very driven and determined man who will make sure I do get my butt out of bed to make this happen.

Wish us luck!


Pica Maloria said...

Good luck indeed - it's great how supportive you guys are of each other!!

NiCole said...

Great start! Good luck!