Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMW: Day 3

This morning was so strange. Dark, warm, and really, really windy. It didn't make the walk to the gym very inviting. It was sorta post-apocalyptic weather.

Regardless, I survived, and I did my third morning workout, and I feel really good now. It was a real mood-lifter to look outside after my cardio part was done and see such a beautiful day beginning...so sunny. Maybe next week we go to four days a week. I wonder if that's too soon?

We now have 9 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days left until the wedding. This wedding countdown brought to you courtesy of David's Bridal, who saw fit to subscribe me to their stupid spam newsletters with their cutesy countdowns but not actually schedule me an appointment, which is why they got my email in the first place! I'm going to call them today. Thank goodness I'm having my dress custom-made somewhere else. I'm in no mood for the run-around!

We got our proofs back from the engagement shoot. I think they're really cute, but Mr. T says he looks pasty and double-chinned, and he doesn't like his hair. Sigh. So, I guess I'm picking the shots I like, and he'll put up with them, which isn't exactly what I pictured! Hopefully he'll come around.

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