Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sex and the City

If you haven't seen this movie and plan on seeing it, don't read this entry, 'kay?

Mr. T and I are big fans of SATC. I remember when we first started watching it--my ex-roomie's boyfriend at the time picked up a wire that was laying on our floor, plugged it into our TV, and voila! Free cable, including HBO! I don't know how we got free cable without having to shimmy up telephone poles to monkey with the wires, or bribe the cable guy, but at that time, it was such a decadent privilege. Mr. T and I would watch every Sunday night, and it was never enough--we couldn't wait for the next installment.

Samantha was my favorite character, of course, but in reality I figure I'm probably more like Miranda (sigh). Mr. T says that's not so, but he's biased.

We were super-excited to go see the movie, and mostly we really liked it. Someone had commented that it wasn't as edgy, and I agree. What made the series edgy, though? I think it was that they had such a limited time to get the stories across--a half-hour is just not a lot of time. They lost all the fat and the plots were zippy, the dialog sharp and to the point. The movie definitely lost some of that fast-paced feel. Especially because it was over two hours long!

The main plot point of the movie is Carrie's marriage to Mr. Big. First, because this is SATC, let's talk fashion. I kinda love the crazy bird on her head, but the dress does nothing for her boobs, frankly. I loved that she picked the NY library as her ceremony site, too. I would totally get married surrounded by books!!

In general, SJP looked emaciated. That was a little disturbing. After Big jilts Carrie, however, I think the skinniness came in handy. I read some review complimenting SJP on letting it all hang out while she's grieving the relationship, and it's true. She really looks bad. You believe her. I think everyone who's ever had a bad breakup can relate.

Because of that, it makes the scene where they get back together even less realistic. I mean, really? You'd go there AGAIN? Really? And of course they do get married, in a small city hall ceremony, and the girls surprise her afterward, and I was shocked that they seemed so happy. Like, this guy just screwed over your best friend for the umpteenth time and you're excited that they're married? REALLY?

Although, those blue shoes she wears to the city hall wedding are to die for. COVET. And I typically don't covet heels like that. They are just SO CUTE.

As for the other ladies, they get their smaller plotlines too. I related to Charlotte being afraid to be too happy for fear of something bad happening, and Miranda and Steve's struggles were totally understandable too, and I empathized with both of them. I kinda didn't get Samantha's dilemma. I just didn't see how such a strong character would end up dropping everything for a man, even Smith (although I must say, he's not aging as well as I thought he would). And I realized we didn't get one Samantha sex scene the entire film, which perhaps was the point, but it felt bizarre and very un-SATC. Although you have to give the producers props for allowing some male full-frontal nudity. When does that ever happen?

Finally, although the gals may not be out partying every night anymore, that felt normal to me. I mean, they're aging, and it felt like a natural progression. I think that was one of the poignant parts of the movie--passing the torch, if you will, to the younger ladies. And the friendships remain strong. I loved the little moments between the girls--as one reviewer pointed out, when Miranda and Carrie are fighting, and Miranda comes over in the cab and rolls down the window, it's really reminiscent of early SATC with Mr. Big, and it's a nice reminder that the women's relationships are as important as their relationships with men. Another moment that really struck me was when Mr. Big and Carrie have the showdown in the middle of the street in their wedding garb, and Carrie's storming back to her limo, and Mr. Big's attempting to follow. Charlotte, who's holding on to Carrie, her eyes blazing, tells Mr. Big, "NO!" with such vehemence, it just got me. And then when the girls arrange to get Carrie's apartment back, and get her things back in it, and take care of Carrie while they're all on her Mexican honeymoon, just said a lot about the power of friendship and how women rely on each other.

After we got out of the movie Mr. T took my hand and said, "I don't feel that way about our wedding." [Part of Mr. Big's jilting Carrie was a reaction to not wanting any hoopla at all, hence the City Hall ceremony that ended the film.] To which I responded, "If you really wanted a City Hall wedding, I would do it." And I would.

Never fear, though, we're still on for a fabulous Halloween party wedding. ;-)

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