Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Have Trunk, Will Travel

As I mentioned, red is a very auspicious color for brides to wear in India. I am also considering having my hands henna'd for the big day--I love henna, and perhaps having it applied will force me to sit still when I'm probably going to need it the most (henna takes a long time to apply, and an even longer time to set into the skin).

However, as much as I love Indian culture, I have to admit that Mr. T would never agree to ride an elephant to our wedding ceremony, like a traditional Indian groom. He thinks elephants are dangerous, but I just love them.

But if any of you out there want to hire an elephant for your wedding, do visit Have Trunk Will Travel. They seem like they're genuinely concerned for the welfare of the animals--all the income goes toward their care.

Perhaps I will be able to persuade Mr. T to take me to the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand one of these days (honeymoon?)--Elevate Destinations offers a stop at the sanctuary as part of their Southeast Asia trip. As a bonus, every Elevate Destinations trip benefits environmental preservation and community development.

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