Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Red Dresses and Other Fun Finds

Every so often I Google "red wedding dress" to see what pops up. Here are some of my recent finds:

I kinda like the above dress, and it's even made by a regular wedding dress maker (which means made in China by underpaid workers, most likely). Here's what I like about it: the corset bodice, the criss-crossing straps on the bodice (there's no telling how this would look on a bustier girl, but it's so Grecian and lovely), and the skirt, which doesn't look like a wadded up mess. My reservations would be: strapless (which would be a joke on me, frankly), the ruching in the bust area, and the Cinderella ball-gown look of the skirt...part of me kinda likes that, the other part thinks it's just a little too much. I guess I'd have to try something like that on to know if I liked it or not.

I also found this image on a photographer's site (I was bad and didn't keep track of which one):

The red of the gown is lovely, but this is a perfect example of why the Go Fug Yourself writers have anagrammed A Satin into I, Satan. Really, you look at satin in the wrong way and it instantly wrinkles. Very impractical.

I also found this lovely bouquet while I was looking:

Perfect color, and I love the little branches. Beautiful!

And, in a less serious vein, I found some alternative cake options for brides on a budget.
1. Donut cake decked out for a pirate wedding:

2. Hostess cake (Mr. T might actually want this. Hopefully he skips this entry...):

And finally, a symbol of what's wrong with the wedding industry:


bilunabirotunda said...

I like dress A, though I do get sick of strapless. I think the ruching would work better than you think. You could develop a Grecian theme with a little more oomph than this dress. And if you're concerned about the bustle, there are other flattering skirt types. As long as it has some grandeur, it should work for you.

Dress B: ugh! What is going on at her waist? No no no...

bekabee said...

This dress makes me think of you. Not only because it's red and a corset. It's the misty, graveyard setting. Very Halloween-y.